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Turning logos into job opportunities

If you ask Millennials, work is not about salary, hours or contracts. It’s about working for a brand you are engaged with. That’s why we came up with the Jobscanner app for Nationale Vacaturebank. An easy tool that turns every single logo you scan into a job opportunity for that particular brand.

*We're still in full development of the Jobscanner app. 

Outdoor (Winner ADCN Fresh Air Challenge) 

To create awareness around the Jobscanner app, we let people interact with digital billboards that will scan the brands you wear (or carry with you). After scanning a logo the billboard displays the amount of jobs Nationale Vacaturebank has to offer.

We do everything for your job

With different services and useful tools, Nationale Vacaturebank does everything possible to give you the job that suits you. To prove this, we developed the 'alles op alles voor jouw baan' campaign.

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